Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Things that stresses me out & solutions

1) Not being able to get pregnant
2) I hate my job

I think those are the only 2 things at the moment


1) Wait until we've met with the Doctor's on Nov 7th, maybe I won't need IVF, maybe I'm pregnant already. Don't stress out yet till I know ALL the details. Let it go for now.
Ahhh that feels so much better already.

2) Well I'm in a 1 year contract. Can't do nothing about it now. Just be nice & humble, and think about paying my bills & the beautiful home that we will move into next year. Also this job will be over next year.

Now writing all this down doesn't make me all sad. I feel good knowing that there were only 2 stressors in my life. Both will be resolved, it will take time.

Which sucks, patience isn't one thing I'm the best at. But I will just have to wait it out.

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